the ramp factory ramp length calculator

Guide to calculating required ramp length

This blog aims to help The Ramp Factory customers identify the ramp length they require. Using this guide to calculating the required ramp length, customers will be able to easily identify which ramp length, and type will be most suitable for their needs. The blog also provides helpful information on how to use, and choose the correct ramp. Customers can also contact us for further assistance if needed.

A handy ramp length calculator is available on the Ramp Factory website, however, the purpose of this guide is to explain how the information can be utilized and what measurements will be needed in order to select the most appropriate ramp for your requirements.

Measurement 1:

The first measurement customers will need to take is the total vertical height they are looking to overcome. This could be from the bottom of a set of stairs to the top. It could also be from the ground to the top of the door threshold. It is important to measure the total vertical height accurately, as wrong measurements can lead to miscalculations. Additionally, it is important to consider the weight of the customer and their equipment. All our ramps come with maximum weight capacities, so please note this information when ordering.

economy folding ramp resting on step
Single Fold Aluminium Ramp

Measurement 2:

Customers may also need to measure the vertical height inside the home, if applicable. This height will be from the ground, internally, to the top of the door threshold. You should take into consideration this height when choosing a ramp system, whether it is a drive-in or portable option, such as aluminium folding ramps, channel ramps, and rubber interior ramps. It is possible for customers to create a ramp system that allows them to go up and over smoothly by bridging not only the external, but also the internal height.

rubber threshold ramp
Rubber Threshold Ramp

Measurement 3:

The final measurement customers will need to take is the interior width of the doorway, again, if this is applicable. Due to the fact that all of our ramps come in varying widths, it is necessary to make this measurement in order to select the correct ramp. As some doorways are narrower than others, ramp options will be more limited. Therefore, it is important to measure the doorway correctly before purchasing a ramp. Accurate measurements will lead to a more efficient purchase process and ensure that the customer receives the right ramp for their needs.

Channel ramps going up and over uPVC threshold  internal view
Dual Purpose Folding Telescopic Channel Ramps

Guide to purchasing the right ramp

It is important to note that some ramps are only compatible with certain mobility aids. As an example, the channel ramps, outside of the low profile channel ramps, are only suitable for manual wheelchairs. Regardless of whether they are folding or non-folding, all other one-piece ramps are appropriate for mobility aids such as manual wheelchairs, powered chairs, or scooters. Please feel free to contact our friendly team via email ( or phone (01372 648587) if you are unsure which ramp would be best suited to your needs after calculating what length you require.