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Aluminium Ramps for Plant Machinery

Aluminium Ramps for Plant Machinery

All of The Ramp Factory aluminium ramps for plant & machinery are TUV certified ( which means they are designed, tested and built at a 30% gradient to allow for safe use. 

All of our aluminium ramps for plant & machinery (except our car ramps) are made with a foot end that is made to sit flat on the floor which means the ramp must  sit at a specific angle. This is to ensure the weight is distributed evenly and also allows for a smooth transition from the ground onto/off the ramp. This means it is important to use the ramps at the specified load heights shown on their products pages.

If your load height differs to the specified load heights for the product, please speak to one of our customer services team who will be able to assist further. We are able to provide customised products from our factory that are built to order and specific to your requirements/load height. Prices for customisations vary so please contact us for an accurate quote.

All loading ramps we currently have in stock for immediate dispatch will be cut for the 30% gradient which translates as follows:

  • 1500mm length = 450mm load height 
  • 2000mm length = 600mm load height 
  • 2500mm length = 750mm load height 
  • 3000mm length = 900mm load height 
  • 3500mm length = 1050mm load height 
  • 4000mm length = 1200mm load height 
  • 4500mm length = 1350mm load height 
  • 5000mm length = 1500mm load height 

Ensuring the foot end is sitting flush with the ground when in use will increase the life expectancy of your aluminium ramps for plant & machinery and ensure smoother loading. Using a ramp at the wrong height will invalidate warranty and can be extremely dangerous.

Please see the 3 images below showing how the load height impacts how to the foot end of the ramps sits when in use :

-Foot End Flush = ramp at correct height – this is how the ramp is designed to be used:

-Foot End on Tip = ramp height is too high (this can cause the ramps life to be reduced and for the tip of the ramp to wear down faster than normal usage):

-Foot End Pushed Forward = ramp height is too low (this can cause the ramp to flip up/stand upright to the height it is cut for –  one solution is to use wooden chocks to support the ramp – please speak to an advisor for assistance on this):