Wheelchair Ramp Accessories

  1. Handrail for wheelchair ramp

    Handrail for the WR Wheelchair Ramp Range

    From £192.00 £160.00
    Estimated to be back in stock early September - pre-order now
  2. Double handrails on roll a ramp

    Double Sided Roll-A-Ramp Handrail 6ft-15ft

    From £660.00 £550.00
    3-4 working days

Our Wheelchair Ramp Accessories can be used in combination with the majority of our disabled access ramps.

Our adjustable platforms allow you to join multiple ramps to create an “L” shape ramp which is ideal for areas where there is limited space straight out from the threshold. Our joining supports help you create a longer ramp by using multiple ramps together in areas where you have higher thresholds to manoeuvre, and one ramp is not sufficient. They are also useful for reducing the weight users have to carry at one time.