Fixed Ramps

  1. Fixed threshold ramp on front door

    Fixed Threshold Ramps

    From £210.00 £175.00
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  2. Threshold ramp sat flush with step

    Adjustable Threshold Ramp

    From £282.00 £235.00
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Our fixed door ramps are intended to be left in place and are made to be suitable for all weather conditions. This makes them perfect for people who want a more permanent solution and want to leave the ramps outside – the anti-slip surface ensures this is safe to do.

The ramps are a great solution for overcoming PVC, WPVC, patio doors and many other thresholds. Both versions are made with a cut away kerb, which prevents the ramp from obstructing opening doors.

As with all of our disabled access and wheelchairs ramps, these can be purchased VAT free.