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Premium Folding Wheelchair Ramps

Premium Folding Wheelchair Ramps

The Ramp Factory's premium folding ramps are available in single fold and multi-fold options, and can assist users to easily overcome door steps or other mobility obstacles. With high visibility solutions and optimal grip, these disabled access ramps are the perfect portable ramp solution for manual and electric wheelchairs and scooters.

All Premium Folding Wheelchair Ramps

  1. Premium Folding Wheelchair Ramps 2ft - 7ft

    From £168.00 £140.00
    In Stock
    End connection on premium wheelchair ramp
  2. FEAL AnyRamp Wheelchair Ramp 1000mm - 2800mm

    From £900.00 £750.00
    In Stock
    Manual wheelchair during loading
  3. Aerolight Broadfold Wheelchair Ramps 5ft - 8ft

    From £672.00 £560.00
    In Stock
    Premium aerolight broadfold wheelchair ramp
  4. Aerolight Lifestyle Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramps 6ft - 9ft

    From £768.00 £640.00
    In Stock
    Premium multifold wheelchair ramp on steps
  5. Folding Channel Ramps 1100mm - 2120mm

    From £444.00 £370.00
    In Stock
    Folding Channel Ramps 1100mm - 2120mm
  6. Combination Channel Ramp 2000mm - 3000mm

    From £756.00 £630.00
    In Stock
    Combination Channel Ramp 2000mm - 3000mm

The Ramp Factory have a variety of Premium Wheelchair Ramps, all of which include non-slip surfaces. The non-slip surface on all of our scooter ramps and wheelchair ramps is glued onto the metal ramp so they are not suitable to be kept outside and exposed to weather.

The Ramp Factory's Premium Mobility Scooter Ramps and Wheelchair Ramps are available in various folding variations to suit your storage needs as well as non-folding. 

The Ramp Factory also offer alterntivae options including folding wheelchair ramps, channel ramps, and threshold ramps.

The Ramp Factory's entire range of disabled access ramps are available VAT free for eligible individuals or charities.