Non-Folding Loading Ramp

  1. Aluminium channel ramps resting on a van

    Aluminium Channel Ramps

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  2. Pair of aluminium loading ramp

    Aluminium Loading Ramp

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  3. Lightweight Loading Ramps - Domestic Use Only

    Lightweight Loading Ramps - Domestic Use Only

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Our non-folding loading ramps are great for use with any garden equipment, ride on lawnmowers and other wheeled machinery. These are available in capacities up to 1000kg and are designed with easy storage in mind when not in use.

Our aluminium loading ramp and aluminium loading ramp feature cut-out surfaces for improved grip and safety, whereas our aluminium channel ramps are built with a flat surface which makes them perfect for trollies and machinery with smaller wheels.

Please note those ramps are not suitable for tracked machinery; please see our Aluminium Ramps for Plant & Machinery if you require ramps for us with tracked machinery.

Features Include:

  • For domestic and professional use
  • Lengths up to to 4000mm available
  • Capacities up to 4500kg available
  • Widths available: 200mm to 315mm
  • Curved ramps available for improved ground clearance
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Angled foot, this allows for smooth access onto the ramp when using wheeled vehicles
  • Flat-top/no edge design gives greater flexibility of use
  • Professional loading ramps are TUV Certified