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Heavy Duty Cable Protectors - 2, 3 & 5 Channel

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Heavy Duty Cable Protectors

2 Channel - TRP-CP7M

  • Length 900mm
  • Width 610mm
  • Height 105mm
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Channel size 90mm x 85mm
  • Maximum cable/hose diameter 82.55mm
  • Capacity 10,000kg
  • Capacity per tyre 5,000kg
  • Weight 28.5kg

3 Channel - TRP-BPCP4M

  • Length 880mm
  • Width 500mm
  • Height 75mm
  • Number of channels 3
  • Channel size 64mm x 54mm
  • Maximum cable/hose diameter 66.4mm
  • Capacity 12,000kg
  • Capacity per tyre 6,000kg
  • Weight 11kg

5 Channel - TRP-BPCP2S

  • Length 900mm
  • Width 500mm
  • Height 50mm
  • Number of channels: 5
  • Channel size 31mm x 44mm
  • Maximum cable/hose diameter 31.1mm
  • Capacity 12,000kg
  • Capacity per tyre 6,000kg
  • Weight 8.6kg

Heavy Duty Outdoor Cable Protectors

  • Interlocking design to allow you to connect the cable protectors together to create your desired length
  • Hinged lid, simply open and insert cables
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Contrasting black and yellow body
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Made from thermo-plastic polyurethane
  • Available in 2, 3 or 5 channel designs
  • Maximum speed 5mph
  • Produced from 100% recycled rubber

The Ramp Factory's heavy-duty cable protectors are available in 2, 3, or 5 channels. These heavy duty cable protectors/cable ramps/cable covers offer capacities up to 12,000kg and are suitable for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The interlocking heavy-duty cable protectors/cable ramps/cable covers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, come in contrasting black and yellow for high visibility and offer a chequered anti-slip surface.

There is a wide range of cable protectors available from The Ramp Factory. Check out our kerb ramps, plastic cable tidies, heavy duty cable protectors, or here you will find a wide selection of indoor cable protectors from The Ramp Factory.

These are designed to be crossed at a max speed of 5mph and Max weight should not exceed 5450kg per tyre. We recommend using speed bump signs to slow down traffic and alert road users to the cable protectors.  Please note, when specifying the required cable protector, we recommend selecting the lowest possible height to ensure maximum clearance for the greatest number of vehicles. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.

For larger cables and hoses, we suggest viewing our hose protectors


Heavy Duty Cable Protector 2 Channel

Heavy Duty Cable Protector 5 Channel


Capacity (kg) 10,000 - 12,000
Height (mm) 50 - 105
Length (mm) 880 - 900
Weight (kg) 8.6 - 28.5
Width (mm) 500 - 610
One Year Warranty Yes
Bulk Prices Available Yes
Easy to Fit Yes
High Visability Yes
Leave Outside Yes
Cable Protector Color Black and Yellow
Channel Size (mm) 90mm x 85mm / 64mm x 54mm / 31mm x 44mm
No. Channels 2 - 5
Capacity per Axle (kg) 10,000 - 12,000
Capacity per Tyre (kg) 5000 - 6000
Speedlimit (mph) 5

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Heavy Duty Cable Protectors - 2, 3 & 5 Channel

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