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Wheelchair Ramps for UPVC Doors

Wheelchair Ramps for UPVC Doors

Getting the right ramp for a UPVC door can be challenging.  When choosing a ramp for a UPVC door, it is important to consider factors such as the height and width of the door, the weight capacity of the ramp, the material and durability of the ramp, and any specific needs or preferences of the individuals using the ramp, such as grip or non-slip features. Some types of ramps that are suitable for UPVC doors include threshold ramps, portable ramps, modular ramps, and folding ramps. Threshold ramps are designed to bridge the gap between the floor and the door threshold, while portable ramps can be easily transported and used in different locations. Modular ramps provide a customizable solution for various height requirements, and folding ramps offer convenience and space-saving benefits. It is the aim of The Ramp Factory's blog to provide its customers with different options of wheelchair ramps that can be used to traverse UPVC doorways.

Semi-Permanent Wheelchair Ramps

Adjustable Threshold Bridge Ramp

The Adjustable Threshold Bridge Ramp can overcome thresholds of various heights. The external ramp is available in lengths up to 2440mm (8ft) whilst the internal threshold plate is 300mm or 600mm in length. The ramps are provided with a leg kit for height differences up to 70mm - 254mm (3" - 10").

Simply flip the entry plate over the threshold to create a bridge, perfect for scooters and wheelchairs to overcome UPVC thresholds. When the ramp is not required, flip the entry plate back onto the ramp. Due to the anodised surface, the ramp can be left outside. Fixing holes are provided if you wish to secure this to the ground.

Adjustable threshold ramp and plate

Please note, if your door opens outwards this ramp may not be suitable due to the safety edges.

FEAL Drive In Ramp

The FEAL drive-in ramp is suitable for use in all weather conditions and is suitable for permanent installation. By folding up the tail, you are able to close a door where the threshold is bridged without moving the ramp. Additionally, the ramp height can be easily adjusted and adapted to the obstacle. With two heights and lengths to choose from, 80mm high and 800mm long or 150mm high and 1250mm long, this ramp is ideal for semi permanent installation.

Folding drive in ramp folded and unfolded

Rollable Ramp

If you are looking for a wheelchair ramp that is strong, durable and portable, the RollAble ramps from The Ramp Factory are ideal. The ramps are lightweight and easy to transport, making them perfect for travelling and storage. They are also incredibly stable, making them ideal for wheelchairs and other mobility aids. The rollable ramps can be left in place and are perfect as a portable or semi-permanent ramp solution for manual and powered wheelchairs and, of course, mobility scooters.

Wheelchair going up ramp with stored ramp beside

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Combination Drive In System

The Ramp Factory's economy folding wheelchair ramp combined with rubber threshold ramps creates the perfect portable up and over system for doors such as UPVC. Using a portable ramp system offers numerous advantages. It allows individuals with mobility challenges to easily access different areas, such as doorways and thresholds, without the need for permanent modifications. This not only promotes independence and inclusivity, but it also provides a convenient solution for those who frequently move or travel. Available in lengths from 2-8ft and heights from 12mm-7 inches, this ramp combination is truly flexible.

Folding wheelchair ramp on rubber threshold ramp

Premium Drive In Kit

The Ramp Factory's Premium Drive In Kit combines the best of 2 ramps to provide a quick and easy ramp solution for access up to and over the threshold. Available in lengths of 2ft, 5ft, 6ft and 7ft there is sure to be a length that is suitable for your needs.

Ramp and threshold ramp rest on connections

Folding Telescopic Ramps

The Dual Purpose Folding Telescopic Channel and Bridge Ramps Combi provides unlimited flexibility and easy storage. The ramps are available from 7ft - 10ft and can be used at standard channel ramps or used to bridge thresholds with the folding hinge feature. Pleae note, these ramps are only suitable for manual wheelchairs.

Channel ramps going up and over uPVC threshold  internal view

Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Made in Europe, our range of steel and aluminium semi-permanent wheelchair ramps are perfect for mobility scooters, wheelchairs and walkers. These modular ramps are available in galvanised steel and aluminium and can be customised to meet your requirements, for example, to include handrails, steps and additional turning platforms to fit your space. Since these ramps are customisable, they are ideal if you are looking for a semi-permanent ramp system to fit your UPVC door. Please contact our team at for more information.

Aluminium Modular Ramp Kit with Platform and Handrails - 900mm x 1250mm